Acceptance and Change

By: Lana Leazer

Last night, I went to another great WHERE LA Magazine Event that hosted an evening at the restaurant First & Hope Downtown Supper Club and then the musical “South Pacific” at the Ahmanson Theatre. I was accompanied with my beautiful friend, Juanita. We met and enjoyed the many samplings that this restaurant had to offer, Lamb Ribs. Yes, not Lamb Chops, but Lamb Ribs! Cheesy Tater Toys, Mac and Cheese, Mini-sliders, Soft shell crab and Deviled eggs. The restaurant is wonderfully appointed. Literally, the host and cocktail servers wear evening regalia that were reminiscent of the 1940’s. The restaurant has 3 parts to it, the bar area, the dining area, then the Jazz lounge that features live music. Think of a European joint with the lounge level underneath the main dining area.

As we were talking and catching up, I confided in my friend about the many changes that happened in my life and how I choose to live it. In my past life, I would tend to have temper tantrums and if I had a problem with someone or something, instead of confronting it, I would build up troops, meaning my girlfriends, tell them my side or version of the story and get them to back me up. It was all to feed my ego and make me feel that I was right! Talking smack and not really confronting the issue. As I grew and evolved, I realized that putting all that energy and not dealing with the person is just the round about way of doing things. When we gossip, we tend to judge and automatically put the intended “victim” in a negative light. So, I came up with a challenge, which believe me has been extremely hard and not say anything bad about anyone or if someone makes me mad, don’t go running to my girlfriends about it, deal with the person and that matter. Get it resolved. The flip side of this is that I learned to respect what is between two people is their own. There is no need to justify, defend or brag about it. It just is.

One of my girlfriends couldn’t understand this new evolution in me. I use to tell her everything, but those things that I would tell her were about others. She wanted to know intimate details of a certain relationship and I explained that it was special and sacred to me and I didn’t wish to share. Sure, I admit that I didn’t want to be judged, but I felt it was no one’s business. It was between that person and me. My old self would have divulged and shared, but I find it to be highly disrespectful of the other person involved.  I wouldn’t want the other person to say anything. She was missing my point. She never asked me if I was happy and that is all that I wanted.

My soul sister Juanita stopped me in my tracks when I explained that this girlfriend of mine had even questioned my newfound faith, told me I lost touch with reality, because I was going through a spiritual evolution. Juanita said that happens all the time. “It’s like you’re a snake shedding its’ dead skin, like seasons change, so why can’t we? Some people don’t understand the change.”  It reminded me of my what Reverend stated, “It’s time to lose your mind, lose it and get to your spirit, your inner you, people are going to say and talk about you, that person has lost their mind!” So, I was flattered when she said I was being “realistic”. Not only had I accomplished and evolved into my authentic self, it was beginning to show.

Watching South Pacific seemed to coincide with how I was feeling. South Pacific is a wonderful musical about going against stereotypes and accepting change or differences. It is very conflicting for the person going thru it and dealing with how they feel because they are scared of what the others will think? I don’t want to give the musical away, but I want to say that it is a must see and a gorgeous love story. “Be the Change that you wish to see”- Ghandi.


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Plastic Surgery, Big Expensive Cars, Gated Communities…Orange County!!

By: Lana Leazer

Can’t put my finger on it, but I guess you can say that I have an obsession with Orange Counties Coastal Communities. I feel like an eager college freshman girl desperately trying to break into that “it” sorority. And no, this is not brought on by the much publicized, glitzy shows of “The OC”, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” or two MTV’s series, “The Real Laguna Beach and Newport Beach”. What delights me about Orange County’s coveted beaches is its’ beautiful mix of artists, surfers, gorgeous scenery and expensive opulence all wrapped in one. Coming from living from Playa Del Rey, Ca, which has a mixture of this but lacks the artistic and surfer community, one could see my magnetism towards it.

Balboa Island of Newport Beach is absolutely charming with its tight streets, small cafes, and unique shops that give it a New England & European flair mixed in one. Laguna Beach in particular is a wonderful host of some highly unusual, innovative and divine creations representing the art community, not to mention, some of the most romantic, high-end classic hotels like The Montage, St. Regis and Ritz Carlton. Then we cut to Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza with their host of some of the World’s and US’s most prized fashion boutiques.

Fashion Island is just amazing. I love its outdoor mall with its tranquil Koi Pond and soothing fountains surrounded by some of the hottest stores. Recently, I was invited to their first annual anniversary event of Style 2020. For those who don’t know, Style 2020 is a place for ladies who adore clothing and shopping, but have know idea HOW to put their wardrobe and styles together. Style 2020 houses some top celebrity stylists and fashion gurus who have decided to bring the red carpet Hollywood looks to the Orange County woman. Upon consultation, they get a sense of WHO you are and bring the inside of YOU to showcase your persona thru styling tips and techniques. Every month, they host an event with different themes to go over the latest trends and designs. For their Anniversary, they focused on Trina Turk, Graduation Gifts and Things for Men!!

I must tell you. I was so pleasantly surprised when I arrived there for a second time. Their staff was so gracious and made sure to come up to me personally to welcome me back to their showroom. It had been several months since my first visit, but they remembered me, embraced me as one of them and insured my needs were met. Guests were treated to delightful hors d’oeuvres, champagne, a private Runway Show of Trina Turk Designs and a lovely gift bag with great discounts

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Curvy Girls DO Network

By: Lana Leazer

I’m very proud to say that I love my curvaceous figure and happen to represent one of the hottest designers, B & Lu,, whose creations have been mentioned in Upscale, Glamour Magazine and designer, Christine Scholl who was featured on the Tyra Banks Show!!! Every since I took on their publicity, I often wear their clothing and without fail, I’m always complimented. This year has started with a bang for them with getting Gabourey Sidibe to wear the clothing on the red carpet and Chelsea Lately. This was truly has astounding! It’s wonderful that the market is starting to recognize curvy women, but it’s truly a gift to have the curvy women embrace their designs and find out who we ALL are.

Recently, Chenese Lewis, model, actress and radio show host of Plus Model Magazine held an amazing networking event for curvy women. This event was held at the new great big eclectic space of MGI Studios, the owner Marlene Hoffman is also a creator of Naked Minerals Make Up line. Guests were treated to free raffle tickets with prizes given away by Curvy Girl Clothing, Hips and Curves, complimentary photo shoot packages and Svoboda Denim Designs. I personally won a certificate from Curvy Girl Clothing!!

Networking opportunities were abundant as models, designers, photographers and stylists were all gathered. While I was there, it was so nice to meet other gorgeous women of all sizes who weren’t concerned about eating, actually sitting down and really noshing together while conversating over the latest controversial Lane Bryant commercial and expressing what we wish to see more designers come up with to compliment our physiques. Truly embracing, loving and welcoming our god given assets!!

Chenese introduced us to speed networking where we had to do an individual meet and greet in 3 minutes. During that experience, I met some beautiful models, new designers and other writers. Plusologie is a new designer to look out for in the future. If you like romantic, feminine, frilly but classy, you will like them!

All and all, I thought I was only going to be there an hour and half, I stayed for three hours, need I say more? Yay, Curvy Girls!! Hopefully, more events are to come.

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Networking or Selling Yourself

By: Jean-Luc Tahou, MBA, CFP

We have all heard how important networking is for one’s career or business. It is a lifeline as it helps you uncover opportunities, meet potential clients, business partners or additional sources of referral. It also helps business owners establish a presence within their communities.

Networking done right consists in building a web of connections that one can tap into when necessary.
It can open doors and lead to the right people. It is also important because it allows you to put your products/services on the map. After all, what good is it to have the best product if nobody knows about it? Effective networking makes people want to do business with you, help you or even be associated with you. It is not so much about who you know anymore, but who knows you. Therefore, having a mastery of the networking process is necessary.

Unfortunately, a lot of people take it too far. We have all met him/her. The one that cannot stop talking about him/herself as soon as the introduction is made: How good they are, how many awards they have won, which celebrities they work with, etc. They are so busy self-promoting that they do not even try to ask you what it is that you do. When meeting one such overzealous self-promoter, I couldn’t help but wonder what type of business relationship we could build. Wouldn’t they focus on being the center of attention? A couple of minutes into the exchange, I was already plotting my escape towards the nearest exit.

Such individuals tend to forget the cardinal rule of networking: it is an exchange. Granted, it is important to clearly outline what you do to other people, but it is even more important to find out what they do. In doing so, you can figure out how you can make an overture towards them first, which will make them even more likely to scratch your back: start by giving them a great piece of advice, introducing them to someone they could work with or suggesting potential sources of referral. The idea is to make them feel good about what you have to offer and what they can do for you. Trust me, building up goodwill with people always serves you well over the long-run.

In closing, I want to share a quote summarizing this posting:

“Networking is about building relationships first, and if you’re authentic, the promotion is a natural evolution. Relationships of any kind are like a teeter-totter. If one person keeps all the weight on their side, it’s not very much fun for anyone.”–Sonya Shelton, Executive coach

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Against all Odds

By: Kristin Ballard

It’s always been difficult being a college student in any culture, but being one in this economy has made the processes even more complicated. Our changes nationally have not only harmed us as a country, but they have affected us globally as well. Budget cuts have not only been affecting us in our job market it has taken a dramatic turn for the worst in our school system especially in our university and community colleges. By not having enough money in our universities and community colleges it raises fees for every student. This situation not only affects grades it affects our class sizes that have dropped dramatically in size.  These cuts and changes are starting to affect our educations so much that many students that I spoke with told me how their GPA’s are hanging in the balance.

For many of my peers that come from other countries it has become even harder for them to complete their education in a shorter amount of time since the cutbacks have decreased the classes and it takes longer for them to get their degree. Many have had to return home because their money or the time on their visa has run out. Other students have begun to take online classes to try to make up for the classes that they need. Also many students have decided to take credit/no credit in their which is a catch 22 because if you don’t pass the class it won’t affect their GPA but if they do pass it will only count as a C. So think about it, if all their grades are a C how would that look on their transcripts if they plan to transfer? Or, who really wants to receive a C when they know their work produced a better grade?

Even though both things help with time management they both can cause lots of stress for anyone. With all the fees rising it tends to cut into time management. Now trying to find a job or trying to keep the one you already have it can sometimes become overwhelming and some days as it seems if can never be done. So many students now have to take semesters off to save enough money to come back to school in the summer and winter terms. But yet in still these things have been taken away from them because of the economy. Now even summer schools have been cute as well as the major cuts backs in the winter term classes

So let’s get rid of these excuses that I can’t go to school because I may not have the money, you don’t have the time, you can’t get the class you want. There are still grants, scholarships, time management, online courses, or the option you may not want to take; credit/no credit. Even with these changes, if you are disciplined, you can be more focused on your work, your job, and even have fun in your social life. But if don’t know where you are going in life you may have to take a little time off to reevaluate your goals. Let’s make lemons into lemonade and show the world that even though things are hard we can still make it even if all the odds seem to be against us.

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Pleasing the Inner You

By: Lana Leazer

Recently, I had a shock or upset in my life. I was in a bad accident two weeks ago and it really threw me into literally another dimension. After totaling my beautiful car, I was wrecked and sad. Yes, it was just a car but I had put so much attachment around my vehicle. To me, my car represented who I was, what I had accomplished, and how I should be perceived. Now, looking back at this it seems utterly ridiculous. A car doesn’t define you, but my EGO was so in love with that car and my car fed my EGO. My EGO had been thru this before with loss of a job after the recession, but once again, my SPIRIT is what pulled me out of the rut. It was in getting in touch with my SPIRIT and knowing all was already done that worries, stress and fear were put at ease. After the letting go of the car, I felt guilt, discouragement, loss and pain. My sadness from my EGO was manifesting more negative thoughts, it was at this point that I consoled with my boyfriend. He reminded me to go back to myself and to go within and do what makes me happy. What makes me happy is discovering new towns, places and things. I love taking drives up and down the coasts, which brings me to San Juan Capistrano.

San Juan Capistrano is known as the most romantic cities out of all of Orange County. I had never thought of this city as that. I guess it is romantic, but to me it’s more easing, fulfilling and enriching to my soul. When I turned 35, I drove down to this town as a gift to myself for self-reflection and love. In San Juan, they have the beautiful Mission, which is really enlightening. This is the seventh Mission out of a chain of twenty-one. While walking the grounds of the Mission, I felt a sense of calmness, peace and harmony. They have several museums, gardens, structures of original Great Stone Church and the Bell Wall. This is a wonderful place to reflect, meditate, to be grateful and to ponder life’s amazing journeys. To find out directions, entry fee and events, go to

One of my other favorite loves is Food! I especially love cheese and chocolate and could live off these two types for the rest of my life. Wouldn’t you know, in this quaint town they have a place catering to just my taste buds called “Simply Fondue.” Simply Fondue is located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, just across the street from the Mission and footsteps away from the train station. Their delectable bites of one-of-a-kind chocolates include Bananas Foster Fondue, Reese Peanut Butter Fondue, Chocolate Grand Marnier and White Chocolate Amaretto. For the cheese lovers, they have the following fondues: Traditional Swiss Chalet, Spicy Pepper Jack and Mediterranean. For extended menu choices, visit I sampled their Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Satay and stuffed pastry with mushrooms and cheese, truly satisfying and delicious!

After my revisit of San Juan Capistrano, my inner me was content and centered again.  It is the combination of being surrounded in a lovely place, discovering moments in history and a warm meal that makes me have positive enthusiasm and contemplations. I’m instantly brought to use   all five senses and astounded by life’s beauty, creativity and tiny miracles. Yes, I may have lost something materialistically, however, I gained internally, the sound mind and inner sanctuary of all is well, fine and that this too shall pass.

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GBK Productions and Healthy Trim celebrate the Oscars

By: Lana Leazer

GBK Productions was at the new stunning W Hollywood. Celebrity guests were treated to Amate Tequila while feasting on scrumptious Hansen Cakes. Many brands included Decleor Paris, night skincare cream, Extreme Lashes and Peek a Boo Boutique featuring their upscale, luxury intimate and personal care products, boudoir accessories, lingerie and other items that may tickle your fancy and spice your romance with your significant other. Eminence Organic Skin Care came from Hungary gifting their Peach Masque and Krave introduced their alternative to tobacco with their electronic cigarette, which is odorless and can be smoked indoors without smelling like an ashtray.

Celebrity brands included Sevin Nyne, a brand created by Lindsay Lohan and celebrity tanning expert, Lorit Simon. They were gifting their self-tanning lotion and giving away a mobile tanning spray service, which is, located Nationwide to achieve that ever golden glow. Dena Wiseman, a makeup artist and tanning stylist known mostly for her work in the much-anticipated Victoria Runway show that airs every year was on site to discuss their products. Remember Gordana from Project Runway, Season 6? Well she was showcasing samples of her beautiful gowns Goga by Gordana and Shar Jackson modeled her stunning red creation for the Oscars.

For relaxation, Vita Vita Parc Resort and Spa in Portugal, Six Senses Resorts & Spa on the coast of Phuket and The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana offered exclusive packaged deals, which allowed one to get in touch with their unique source by being surrounded by tranquility, harmony and peace in these magnificent settings.

So once again, I was surprised to find products and services that had extraordinary stories behind their birth. Here are my top inspirational picks. Okay, so we all love to have beautiful lashes and brows by RevitaLash,, well talk about love, Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D. created this special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from breast cancer and intensive chemotherapy had literally diminished her eyelashes. After extensive research, Dr. Brinkenhoff along with other leading cosmetic chemists created this product, which renewed vitality to Gayle’s eyelashes. Speaking of breast cancer, Prevennia,, was on site to introduce their dietary supplement, which blocks the initiation of breast cell mutation. Anti-aging line representation was Reactivator,; they were gifting many of their products that use EGF. EGF is a growth factor that stimulates proliferation of epidermis & endothelial cells by cell division by protein composed of 53 amino acid within human body. The solution stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts that synthesizes Collagen, the building block of dermis, to fight wrinkles, rejuvenate skin and heal scars effectively.

Milton Hershey School explained its belief in providing great education for ALL kids. The school was founded by Milton S. Hershey to help orphan boys in need get a good education in 1909. Now the school provides everything for children- a top-notch education, recreation, food, housing, clothing, medical and dental care on campus. Think of this as a boarding school for the less wealthy. I encourage you all to visit to learn more about this wonderful institution.

Where would a suite be without Jewelry? Cimber Designs,, loves using strong and natural elements of the stone that are barely cut. Kelly Cimber likes to keep them as real as possible to showcase its own divine beauty. Kelly also creates a silver men’s line that offer words of affirmations like Hope, Courage, Faith, Truth, you get my drift? The men’s line is so appealing that many women have purchased these pieces for themselves, which basically can be unisex.

Love Nail Tree was giving away their invigorating tees. Love Nail Tree, believes “Our passion remains the power of conversation and the responsibility to inspire and challenge the people around us. We believe there is a lot that needs to be talked about in our culture and definitely aren’t going to church up, water down, or sugar coat it. Our designs can be racy and controversial, but that’s because the issues at hand are racy and are controversial. It’s time we take our blinders off and turn around to the people and world beside us. Join us in the fight to keep the conversation going.” Need I say more?

Representing the wave of the future of fashion was R.E.U.S.E,, a company that creates sustainable, attainable and constructed from 80% recycled fabric. Their denim designs consist of jeans, shorts and skirts.

GBK also featured a “Baby Lounge”, which was full of interactive creativity and encouragement for kids. In our nation, where children school programs and funding that supports music & arts are being pulled, it’s nice to see mothers that are inventing structures to expand children’s artistic minds. Kensey Lu accessories,, is a line that gives the tools to create hair clips. It is left to the child to design the color schemes and pattern’s to put together. This is a great bonding tool for mother and child. RS Baby,, is a custom-made shirt line that allows for children again to be the designer. And then Hopscotch Kids,, which is a kid-centric cosmetic line that uses natural ingredients to create nail polish and remover for children and pregnant women. The colors are wild, young, popular and eye-catching for our youngins. Look for organic nail polish for adults in the future!

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Alternatives to Lazy Grocery Shopping

By: Lana Leazer

After watching the documentary, “Food Inc” and “Death on a Factory Farm”, I became extremely concerned and aware of what I was eating. Learning that cows & fish aren’t supposed to eat corn was very flabbergasting and shocking which hit me like Charles Heston screaming in the film “Soylent Green is People”. Believe me, it will leave you shaken and vowing to never walk into a fast food restaurant again. Sure, I had thought organic food was for dietary reasons, but I soon realized it was nutritional, wellness food as they say “God intended’ us to eat. Ever since then, I’ve become an avid shopper of Henry Farmer’s market and Fresh and Easy for finding affordable prices and great meat/poultry/seafood specials. I’ve even taken to cooking more out of the home preparing my dinners and lunches. Sure, I’m a busy single gal on the move with juggling careers, networking events and research but gratefully I have the time to actually go somewhere to buy and prepare my meals.

Lucky for all those mid-westerners in the rural areas and country, they can’t throw a rock without hitting a local farm, but for the city folk who, have treacherous commutes or those that are always on the go in the entertainment or politic arenas, between power lunching, network events, photo opts, auditions, speaking engagements and other miscellaneous public relation work, who has time to go to their local farmer’s market, especially when you’re tired and have to start the day all over again. Sure, sure, sure, call it lazy and I agree. There are days when driving that extra 2 miles to Fullerton, CA is a pain to me, that’s why I put a day aside to grocery shop. However to some, to get to Whole Pay Check, I mean Whole Foods, purchase the ingredients & cook may be a bit too much for some local Angelinos.

So that’s where steps in. Paleta is an Organic Gourmet Meal Delivery service that prepares meals fresh daily fro the finest organic and locally harvested ingredients in their green kitchen and delivered straight to your door. So you save time, gas and astronomical take out prices & calories by going with Paleta. Each meal is delivered between the hours of 12am-6am to ensure your fresh daily service. Wow, so it’s like having a chef and nutritionist all in one without having to leave your home. For those thinking of putting money towards Jenny Craig service, I advise checking out Paleta first.

For my fellow DC Folks who do enjoy cooking but are crunched for time with shopping, is a service that delivers fresh produce to you. They deliver to Maryland, Virginia and the District by strategically choosing one day of the week to deliver to your area. I had a chance to view their weekly choices both mixed list and organic, my mouth watered at the mention of Roma tomatoes, asparagus, avocados, granny smith apples and russet potatoes to name a few.

These are just two examples of alternative services, but I encourage all to look in their areas to find a service that does deliver food for those who say, “I just don’t have the time.” I encourage you to take the time, value yourself and body by feeding it well and embrace your fellow man by contributing to your local grocer or farms.

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Married or Single: The Status Quo

The pros and cons of being a a single woman, over 35, in America
What are the pros and cons of being a SINGLE WOMAN, over 35, living in America? I recently posted a comment on my facebook wall that asked the question; “Is being single necessarily a bad thing for a woman to be? I think not, but what about you, how do you feel about being a single woman in today’s society?” Although I found many women who agreed that being single can be a beautiful thing, I was presented with a more indepth observation, after speaking with a friend who brought to my attention that I couldn’t ask that question without including the age factor. I agreed simply because,in your teens, being single is usuallly a given, when you reach your 20’s, being single means, no committed relationships, by your 30’s, being single becomes a more popular topic of discussion amongst women who have not yet been found by their night in shining armour, and if we let society be our guide, if you arrive at your 40’s with no man at the alter, we are quickly to stamped with that “THERE’S GOTTA BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU” label on our forehead. My response….Maybe there’s something right with you. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if marriage is your hearts desire, then keep believing for that RIGHT man to connect with, if you’re single and want to remain that way, celebrate your joy with others, so we can put the taboo subject of being over 35 and single as meaning misarbly lonely and desperate to rest.

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A Special Look at The Grammy Style Studio–Plus a Visit from Grammy Winner Coblie Caillat

By: Lana Leazer

On January 30th, 2010, I had the privilege of being invited to the Grammy Style Studio produced by Hatch Inc and the Recording Academy’s Official Grammy Awards Styling Suite to view their dazzling products and collections. The event was held at the newly located Smashbox Studios, Stage 2 in West Hollywood. Coming from a background in Special Events and PR, I was highly impressed with their beautifully decorated layout, professionalism and graciousness to each one of their guests. While I was there, I sipped on champagne from Dom Perignon and was escorted by one of their greeters. My first stop was the Beauty/Makeup Area. Dean, one of Norelco’s representatives introduced me to an exciting line of products form Cutler Salon New York, Redken, and Philips Norelco. I went a little gaga over their Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Spa at home grooming system. I thought it was the coolest, latest gadget for women.

My next introduction was to Make Up For Ever where J’me Williams retouched my already made face with their High Definition for TV cosmetics line. She really made my colors popped and highlighted my features. As I browsed around I noticed other brands like Affliction premiering their more upscale Black Label, Moods of Norway, Nicolas Jebran, Melissa’s shoes, Banzai Beverages and Mek Denin with their city inspired jeans. However I was introduced to a brand that really touched me. is a jewelry line that is musically inspired. Tim Foster, the creator of this brand worked for years in the music business, but decided to hone his passion for music into jewelry. Each piece is created with a song, album, or artist in mind. If you’re like me, you know that music really touches us by making us feel uplifted, happy, sympathetic and most importantly not alone. Tim is quoted for saying that his brand is, “So much more than just jewelry. It’s about connecting with people.” And in keeping connected with people, Tim is always collaborating with an artist to make a signature piece in which 30% of the proceeds of the item will go to that artist’s choice of charity. On Feb 3rd, Jordin Sparks’ “Suki Desi” meaning “I like or I love” in Japanese will go on sale for a week to help fund mobile medical clinics in Haiti through Sparks Charities called It’s with designers like this, that truly we see the beauty from within coming forth.

Speaking of truly beautiful gifted artists, Colbie Caillat who brought us those wonderful, cheerful and heart felt songs about love such as “Bubbly”, “Fallin for You” and now winning this year’s Grammy for “Lucky” with Jason Mraz, graced us with her presence at the event and greeted each line. Not only did she stop by the Styling Studio, she wore one of the designer’s dresses, Nicolas Jebran, on the red carpet in which I’m sure he was truly honored.

As I left the event, I felt a sense of peace, warmth and gratitude that despite fame, wealth and adoration, that there are still artists and designers who simply believe in passing it on. Instead of only receiving, they continue to keep giving.

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